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Dear friends and costumers,

welcome to my website, which is based on the history of saddlery. A long time ago, when trade started to grow, many of the masters started to focus on different parts of production etc: saddle production, gear and bag production . I try to show you a bit of everything.

I make belts,historical shoes, bags, belts, quivers, sword scabbards and buckles,historical leather pouch,Leather Pouch,Gothic leather pouch,Historical Boots,Medieval Shoes,Viking Shoes,Viking Boots,Norman Shoes,Celtic shoes,Gothic Shoes,Leather bracers,Leather cuffs,Renaissance Boots,Medieval Belt,Viking belt,Archery quivers,pouches, gear for swords, whips, shoes, gothic saddles, purses, sacks,quivers and I also make things on request ( your own design), in best quality.

For mounting and closing I use metal-tipped buckles or iron casting from bronze or brass. Buttons are made from animal horns or leather.

Most of the sewing is hand crafted by leather strap or waxed thread.Designs of Celtic and Vikings patterns are decorated only by hand using original copies.
Demonstration of the hand craft and production can be seen at the marquee.

  • hand craft sewing or by leather strap
  • decoration with celtic and Viking designs ( costumers designs likelihood)
  • leather cutting by hand
  • product forming and colouring
  • order on request ( depend on costumers wish and on resources available at the marquee )
  • any leather repairs
  • Opportunity for costumers with their swords and daggers to make sheaths to suit at the marquee.

Marque's measurements: 5x2 m and 1 m for handcraft demonstration.

The marquee is hand made with wooden frame and tilt from natural materials

Original handmade production
Original handmade production
Family saddlery
Family saddlery
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